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Mexican Lasagne

Mexican Lasagne. A yummy sauce packed with onion, red bell pepper and tomatoes is used, along with a filling of black beans, sweet corn, and cheddar cheese to make the lasagne-like layers.

Taco Meatloaf

Taco Meatloaf. This meatloaf is the best of both worlds to me; a good hearty meatloaf but with a Mexican twist I love so much. The recipe makes two meat loaves so is great for a big group, leftovers or...

Mexican Bubble Bread

Mexican Bubble Bread. The results are an insane burst of wonderful flavors together, in an incredibly easy recipe. The smell alone of it baking will drive you nuts.

Mini Mexican Pizzas

Mini Mexican Pizzas. These mini pizza’s make the perfect well balanced snack or meal! The refried beans serve as the ’sauce’ for these pizza’s, which also make them high in fiber! They are also packed with protein thanks to the...